Halloween Writing Lesson – Fairy Tale to Scary Tale


Get your students engaged in writing with this Halloween language arts activity! Shake things up in your classroom by having students put a Halloween spin on a fairy tale of their choice, making it into a scary story!

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Students will:

  • Learn about common characteristics typically found in fairy tales focusing on setting, character types, plot and elements.
  • Choose a fairy tale and analyze it by identifying examples of the common characteristics.
  • Put a scary spin on the common characteristics they find and use that to transform the fairy tale into a scary tale! (i.e Their “scary tale” still has to have fairly tale characteristics, but with a Halloween twist!)

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides




1. Six pages of Teacher Directions

2. Warm-Up sheet

3. A detailed list identifying the common characteristics of a fairy tale.

4. Worksheets for students to choose and analyze a fairy tale.

  • Annotation Template – to help students identify common characteristics.
  • Synopsis Template – to help students summarize the events of the fairy tale in their own words.
  • Analysis Worksheet
    • Students explain how the examples they find fit with the common characteristics.
    • Students explain how they will put a scary spin on the characteristics they find in the fairy tale.

5. Sheet for students to fully write their scary story.

6. Rubric for scary tale.

7. Answer Key


File Type: ZIP – PDF, Microsoft Word & Google Slides

Editable: Partial

Total Pages: 45

Content Pages: 38

Editable Page 1: If you want students to choose from a list of fairy tales you can create a synopsis sheet for each one so students can choose quicker. An editable template is provided for you in this resource.

Editable Page 2 and 3: If you want students to annotate their fairy tale, an editable template is provided for you.



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