Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 Lesson – Analysis of Discrimination


Engaging Of Mice and Men chapter 4 activity for students to analyze how characters are discriminated against in the novel. Not only do students complete an Of Mice and Men character analysis, they also connect it to themes in the novel!

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Students will:

  • Define discrimination
  • Identify specific examples of discrimination in the novel.
  • Identify specific characters whom are discriminated against in the novel and the type of discrimination they are facing.
  • Explain how the examples of discrimination connects with other themes also present in Of Mice and Men.

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides

Lesson Pages:

1. Theme Info Sheet defining theme topic vs theme statement.

  • Theme topic: broad repeated throughout (ex: adventure)
  • Theme statement: message/lesson the author reveals through the theme topic (ex: Adventure can sometimes keep you from the people you love the most.)

2. Theme Activity Chart focusing on the theme topic of Discrimination (version with and without model included)

  • Analyze how the following characters are discriminated against in the novel:
    • Crooks
    • Lennie
    • Curley’s Wife
  • Find specific quotes showing the discrimination.
  • Identify the character doing the discrimination.
  • Explain how the character is being discriminated against (based on height, weight, gender, ability, etc)
  • Explain how these examples of discrimination relate to other themes in the novel.

3. Assessment

  • Students use the chart to create a theme statement (message/lesson) about discrimination in the novel, providing at least three quotes and explaining how those quotes support their theme statement.
    • Students ask themselves what is the message/lesson Steinbeck is trying to teach about discrimination through his characters and their experiences?

4. Of Mice and Men theme list

  • Optional list of 7 themes is provided

5. Answer Key


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No 

Total Pages: 27

Content Pages: 16



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