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I help Educators excel in & out of the Classroom

After teaching high school ELA for five years, I decided to leave the classroom in 2019 and start my own online business (Education is Lit) selling my lesson plans and resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Since then, I have been able to create a successful business generating passive income.

It is my mission to now teach other educators how to succeed in selling resources they’ve already created! Thus, Education is Lit is dedicated to providing resources for teachers to help them excel even more in the classroom and start, grow and expand their own online business!

Stepping out on faith

Learn About My TpT Journey

2018-2019 School Year

Conducted Extensive Research

Selling products = real business = real responsibilities.

So I did research to prepare myself.

  • Joined TpT related Facebook groups.
  • Read blogs geared towards helping new TpT sellers
  • Searched YouTube for tutorials on how to set-up a successful store
  • Researched courses devoted to helping prospective/new TpT Sellers
  • Conducted research to learn about the responsibilities that come with owning a business.
2018-2019 School Year

March 2019

Education is Lit is Born

  • Registered my business with the state.
  • Created social media profiles.
  • Continued researching.
March 2019

June 2019

Saying Goodbye

Left my position as a high school ELA teacher.

June 2019

July 2019

Started my TpT Store

I took what I had learned from the research I did and uploaded my first product!

July 2019

August 2019

Back to School

Sold my very first product!

August 2019

Remainder of 2019

Constantly Learning

  • Added 60 products
  • Earned $806
  • Created this website! 🙂
  • Continued researching best practices for TpT to learn more and make my products, marketing and business better.
Remainder of 2019

2020 & 2021

Building the Brand

Added 42 products and earned:

  • 2020: $4,328.11
  • 2021: $6,553.81

Focused on ways to increase traffic and sales:

  • Increasing # of products in store
  • Conducted keyword research to make products more likely to show when buyers are searching
  • Created detailed keyword rich product descriptions
  • Created opportunities for more sales by marketing other products within my resources
  • Utilized my blog and Pinterest to generate traffic
  • Re-did all of my covers, thumbnails and previews to have a cohesive and consistent foundational design
  • Updated the prices of my products to truly reflect their worth
2020 & 2021



In 2022, I revamped my pricing and started charging for what my products are really worth instead of pricing from a place of fear, and earned the most in that year since starting my store:

  • 2022: $7,253.94

In 2023, TPT made a change in the algorithm that had a major impact on the sales of many TpT sellers because the way customers could find resources had changed. This caused a drop in sales for the year for my store.

  • 2023: $4,902.09

I would categorize this time period as seeing record highs and record lows. It’s a stark reminder that this is business and one must pivot for continued success!




Since starting my store:

  • $31k+ in sales
  • $25k+ in earnings
  • Over 130 products

Now that I have created a successful online business that earns me passive income, I want to teach other educators (for FREE) the exact steps I followed!

Figures are as of 02/24/24!


FREE Course for TpT Sellers

The TpT Toolkit for Beginners

Course Info

Start. Grow. Expand.

Imagine being able to help your fellow teachers while also earning extra money to help support yourself and your family even more…. with resources you’ve already created!

The TpT Toolkit for Beginners was designed to make the process of starting on TpT less overwhelming by providing the most essential and comprehensive tips, tricks, advise and information

Units 1-5

The first 5 units focus on building a strong and solid foundation so that you can learn how to start selling the right way from the very beginning!

Learn how to build your brand from scratch, TpT membership options, setting up your store from scratch, how to choose what to sell, the anatomy of a quality TpT Product and more!

Units 6-10

These units focus on trips, tricks, advice and techniques on building your actual store to prepare you to launch and make sales!

Learn how to create quality product listings, securing your files, the best tools and software to use, keyword research, price products, marketing and more!

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