Thanksgiving Lessons Bundle


Check out these fun and engaging Thanksgiving activities for high school or middle school! Have your students practice Thanksgiving figurative language and create a stunning one pager!

See the Product Description below for more details!

There are 3 activities included in this bundle:

  • Thanksgiving One Pager
  • Thanksgiving Party Menu Using Imagery
  • Thanksgiving Thankful Paper Tent/Digital Card

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides





Students will learn about imagery and the five senses by analyzing the food descriptions from the menus of their favorite restaurant! They will then use this analysis to help them create their own Thanksgiving menu using imagery (descriptive language) to describe their favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Students will:

  • Learn how to define imagery and identify the five senses.
  • Practice identifying examples of imagery by analyzing the menu from their favorite restaurant!
  • Create their own Thanksgiving party menu describing their favorite foods using imagery!


  • Two pages of Teacher Directions
  • Warm-Up
  • Imagery Info Sheet detailing the types of imagery and relation to the five senses!
  • List of 64 attention grabbing words to describe food
  • Worksheet for students to analyze the menu of their favorite restaurant, identifying examples of imagery and the sense(s) being appealed to
  • Rubric for students to use to create their own menu using imagery
  • 3 Menu Templates



Fun and engaging holiday activity for students showcase what they are thankful for in a creative and imaginative way! Instead of showing their understanding through writing, a one pager gives students the opportunity to express themselves through images, personal statements, quotes, short passages and more!

Students will:

  • Identify different things they are thankful for
  • Identify examples of conflicts in the novel.
  • Explain how the conflict is impacting the relationship between specific characters.


  • Planning Sheet to help students brainstorm things they are thankful for.
  • Rubric
  • 7 one pager templates
  • 7 students examples



This fun and engaging activity gives students a chance to uniquely express what and who they are thankful for in their lives via a paper tent!

But what is paper tent?! Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except they use the tent to visualize things they appreciate the most in their lives!


Paper Tent

  • Version 1: Students detail 4 things they are thankful for including a visual representation.
  • Version 2: Students detail 4 things they are thankful for including visual representation and 2-3 sentence explanation.

Digital Card

  • Version 3: Instead of creating a paper tent, students create a “digital card” by using the Google Slides version of the resource!


File Type: ZIP – PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No

Content Pages: 47



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