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Full Year Middle & High School English Resources – 230+ Page Bundle!


Exhausted trying to figure out what to do for back to school activities? Trouble with classroom management strategies? Need activities and lessons for finding theme and and character analysis? Need fall and winter holiday lesson plans?

See the Product Description below for more details!

This product is a bundle of 37 different resources. You can click on the images below or read further, as both have an explanation of what is included in each product!

A full and DETAILED description for each product included in this resource can be found AFTER the images!


Previews can be found for each by clicking on the image below!


Ice Breakers & Classroom Management

Classroom Management Ideas Essential Questions Classroom Management Checklist Classroom Management Plan for High School Ice Breaker Ideas for Back to School Cover Groovy Interviews Cover Page About Me One Pager Cover Back to School Guide About Me Acrostic Poem Cover Growth Mindset Activity - Paper Tent


Writing Activities

Research Topic Acrostic Poem Cover Holiday Acrostic Poem Cover The RASIE Response Method

Holiday Lesson Plans & Activities

Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas Cover Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas Cover Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas Cover Thanksgiving Activity Ideas Imagery Practice Thanksgiving Activity Ideas One Pager Christmas Activities - Imagery Practice New Years Resolution One Pager Black History Month Activities Black History Month Activities Valentines Day Activity - Paper Tent


75 Debate Topics Cover

Imagery Practice

Birthday Imagery Menu Cover

One Pager Activities

One Pager for Chapter Summary Cover Character Analysis One Pager One Pager for Play Cover

One Pager for Theme Cover One Pager for Articles Cover One Pager for Research Project Cover

Theme Analysis

Teaching Theme Sheet Finding Theme Analysis Activity - Paper Tent Theme Brochure Cover

Character Analysis
Character Development Sheets Character Analysis Activities - Brochure Characterization Sheets


Link Essay Cover


Check out this 230+ page bundle containing resources for:

– Back to school

– Ice breaker activities,

– Classroom management Questions, Checklist & 30+ page plan

– Holiday lessons for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Black History Month, & Valentines Day

– Growth mindset activities

– Debate

– Theme analysis worksheets, graphic organizers and activities

– Character analysis worksheets, graphic organizers and activities

– One Pager activities for books, plays, articles, research and more!

– Writing and Poetry activities

– Bonus file!! (Literary Analysis Essay Linking Two or More Texts Using Theme)


A comprehensive 50+ page back to school guide to have you over prepared for things like classroom management, classroom organization, back to school night, syllabus set-up, classroom set-up and more!

Students ”interview” their peers based on questions related to different categories. After each question, music is played to signal the next rotation so that students “interview” as many of their peers as possible. Completely editable to fit your own teaching style!

Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except students can meet and greet with 4 of their peers and use a paper tent to write down the information they learn in their “interview”!

This creative writing activity is a great first day of school ice breaker to help students introduce themselves and to get to know their classmates! You can also participate in this poetry activity! Great for a back to school poem or year round!

A great activity to help your students introduce themselves and get to know their classmates, and also helps you as a teacher learn about what your students value the most on the first day!

This about me one pager allows tasks students with picking a value that is most important to them and create a one pager based on it!


If you are struggling with your classroom management practices, creating a classroom management plan, or classroom procedures and routines, then this resource is made for YOU!

These comprehensive classroom management resources cover the following:

– Core Policies, Procedures & Systems

– Procedures for:

– Entering the room

– During the class

– Classroom stations

– End of class

– Classroom organization

– Teacher Must Haves

– Teacher Discounts

– Bonuses and more!


Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except they use the tent to visualize and map out their growth mindset goals!




Teaching Of Mice and Men, the Odyssey or To Kill Mockingbird this year? The theme and character analysis activities and worksheets would go great with the resources below:

Of Mice and Men Unit Plan (activities for every chapter!)

the Odyssey Odyssey Essay Prompt Analyzing Odysseus’ Leadership Skills!

To Kill a Mockingbird Trial Analysis and Essay Prompt!




Students look up the menu from their favorite restaurant and use it as inspiration to create their own Halloween party menu describing their favorite foods… with a scary twist!

Students put a Halloween spin on a fairy tale of their choice, by making it into a scary story!

Students create a Halloween themed black out poem using a fairy tale!


Have your students practice imagery by analyzing the menus from their favorite restaurant and using it to help them create their own Thanksgiving menu using imagery to describe their favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Alternate Lesson for students who do not celebrate Thanksgiving or do not want to do a Thanksgiving themed menu.

Have students showcase what they are thankful for in a creative and imaginative way in this Thanksgiving activity!


Have your students practice imagery by creating their own Christmas menu using imagery to describe their favorite Christmas food, beverages and desserts!

Includes warm-up, rubric, info sheets on imagery, and three different menu templates!


Looking for a Growth Mindset New Year goal activity? A one pager allows to students to create a single page creative and imaginative response to a text, prompt, concept, etc. Have your students set growth mindset new years resolutions and showcase them via an engaging and creative one pager!


This fun and engaging Black History Month research project tasks students to work collaboratively to learn about historical events related to African-American History! This project is adaptable for students who would rather work independently or can be used for a collaborative project!

The following are the research topics included in this resource!

– Jim Crow Laws

– The Freedom Riders


– The March on Washington, 1963

– The Selma to Montgomery Marches

– Loving vs Virginia, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education

Over 150+ Black History Month research topics focusing on articles, historical figures, movements, people and more! Suggested Black History Month activities included!

This fun and engaging Black History Month activity helps students showcase their knowledge about an important person, event, era or movement related to African-American History!


Awesome Valentines Day activity for students to create a beautiful and touching memento for a person they are most thankful for!






Engage students in their imagery practice by having them look up the menu from their favorite restaurant! In this imagery worksheet, students will then use it as inspiration to create their own birthday party menu describing their favorite foods using imagery! Version for students to decorate and color in their menu included!


Amazing literary analysis essay assignment where students choose two texts that share a similar theme and explain how both authors develop it! This is a great year round activity OR end of the year assignment / end of course essay assignment!

Challenge your students to think deeply and critically about the texts they have read in your class by having them identify and analyze how two different texts share a similar message/lesson! This is great to use as an end of the year “capstone” writing project.

Help your students deepen their knowledge about theme by having them analyze different techniques authors use to create and develop the messages/lessons in their stories. This is also great all year around if you want to have students compare other texts (books, poems, short stories, articles etc.) that they read in class.


Product Pages: Over 230+

Editable: No


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