75 Debate Topics for High School


These 75 classroom debate topics will have your students highly engaged and allow them to practice their argumentation skills!

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Topics relate to the following categories:

1. Education


– Should all schools operate under a year-round schedule?

– Should it be mandatory for students to spend at least a semester studying abroad?

2. Entertainment


– Is Beyoncé the greatest entertainer of all time?
– Do celebrities make for bad role models?

3. Technology


– What impact does social media have on society?
– Are humans too dependent on technology?

4. Politics & Government


– Is cruel and unusual punishment justified when dealing in matters of national security?
– Should Presidents be paid less?

5. Science


– Could the world survive if bees went extinct?
– Is global warming the single greatest threat to the planet?-

6. Society


– Is it justifiable for employers to drug test potential hires?
– Should all U.S. Citizens be required to serve at least one year in the military?

7. Health


– Should alternative medicines be banned?
– Is it wrong for pharmaceutical companies to profit from medication for grave or chronic illnesses?

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