Back to School Bundle -Ice Breaker, Classroom Management, Growth Mindset & More


200+ page bundle containing resources for first day of school activities, back to school activities, ice breaker activities, classroom management strategies, classroom routines and procedures and growth mindset student goal setting!

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Includes 10 resources:

  1. 40+ page Back to School Guide
  2. 20+ page Classroom Management Plan
  3. 40 Essential Classroom Management Questions
  4. Classroom Procedures and Routines Checklist
  5. Meet & Greet Paper Tent
  6. All About Me One Pager
  7. All About Me Acrostic Poem
  8. Groovy Interviews Ice Breaker Game
  9. Growth Mindset Goals Activity
  10. BONUS! –> Step-by-step detailed 17 page guide that teaches you how to create your own classroom management plan!

Print and digital versions available for some resources!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides
  • Compatible with Easel by TpT



A comprehensive 50+ page back to school guide to have you over prepared for things like classroom management, classroom organization, back to school night, syllabus set-up, classroom set-up and more!



  • Groovy Interviews

Students ”interview” their peers based on questions related to different categories. After each question, music is played to signal the next rotation so that students “interview” as many of their peers as possible. Completely editable to fit your own teaching style!


– 16 Different categories and 23 + questions to ensure variety.

– Completely editable to fit your own teaching style!

– Teacher direction/suggestions include!

  • Meet & Greet Paper Tent

Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except students can meet and greet with 4 of their peers and use a paper tent to write down the information they learn in their “interview”!

Students can meet and greet with up to 4 of their classmates. A list of 7 engaging questions are provided for students to use to get to know their peers better. Examples questions include:

– Your family has moved into a new house and you are tasked with cleaning the attic. You find $3 millions dollars. What would you do?

– Choose three and tell me what your favorites are: (foods, music, colors, holiday, sport, season, animal, family member, etc.)

  • About Me Acrostic Poem

Students create their own acrostic poem focusing on what uniquely represents them (what they like/,don’t like, who/what they love most, their hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals etc.). You can also participate in this poetry activity! Great for a back to school poem or year round!


1. An acrostic poem information sheet detailing:

  • The definition of an acrostic poem
  • The three different ways you can structure an acrostic poem
  • Three example poems (one for each structure)

2. Acrostic Poem planning worksheet to help students create their poem.

3. Three poem templates for students to use with examples for each template included!

  • About Me One-Pager

This engaging all about me writing activity helps students introduce themselves and get to know their classmates by creating a one pager focusing on what they value the most!

Students will:

  • Identify a value that is most important to them.
  • Answer a series of question related to the value they choose.
  • Create a one pager creatively showcasing their understanding and knowledge of what is most important to them.


1. Personal Value Analysis

  • Worksheet asking a series of questions to help students determine what they value the most.

2. One Pager Rubric

3. Seven One Pager templates students can use to create their one pager!

4. SEVENTEEN Student Examples of One Pagers!


  • Growth Mindset Paper Tent

Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well, imagine them doing the same thing except they use the tent to visualize and map out their growth mindset goals, including detailed actions they need to take to achieve their goals!

Includes 4 different templates to make it highly adaptable for you and your students!:

1. Template focusing on one goal

2. Template focusing on two goals

3. Template focusing on three goals

4. Template focusing on four goals

Sample growth mindset goals included!



Three resources included!

  • The Core Classroom Management Plan for Secondary Teachers
  • 40 Essential Questions to Help You Rock Your Classroom Management!
  • Classroom Management Checklist

If you are struggling with your classroom management practices, creating a classroom management plan, or classroom procedures and routines, then this resource is made for YOU! These comprehensive classroom management resources will help you in four incredible ways:

1. Hours of time saved!

Why reinvent the wheel?! This is a classroom management plan that is ready for YOU! So, why spend hours trying to create your own when you can use mine and adapt it to your own classroom!

2. Gives 5 core classroom rules and 4 consequences that will be so easy for you and your students to remember!

3. Provides Core Policies, Procedures and Systems for:

  • Entering the Room
    • Hello & Handout
    • BTBR (Before the Bell Rings)
  • During the Class
    • 10/10 Rule
    • Getting out of seat
    • May I Have Your Attention Please?
    • Cell phone policy
    • Timer
    • Late students’ procedure
    • Handout placement and procedure
    • “Lang-you-ah-jay” (handling the use of profanity)
  • Stations for:
    • Leaving the Room
    • Supplies and the procedure for students to get them
    • No Name papers
    • Charging station
    • Turn-in Bins
  • End of class
    • Procedure for collecting handouts/materials
    • Seat and bell
  • Provides Core Organization Techniques
    • Student desk set-up
    • Teacher workstation
    • Teacher must haves for desk organization

NINE MUST HAVE ITEMS to organize your classroom and streamline your management!


♨️ B O N U S ! ♨️


This guide will teach you the step-by-step system I used to create the classroom management plan included in this bundle!

This means you will not only have a comprehensive done-for-you classroom management plan that you can use to tailor to your own needs, BUT you will also have the tools to create your own plan if you so choose!

You will learn how to reflect on the practices you already use to determine what areas you excel in, need to approve upon and approach differently so that you can create a personalized management plan.

This guide will also help you determine areas you never even thought would be related to a smooth running classroom!


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No

Content Pages: 202



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