Halloween Lesson Ideas Blackout Poem


Shake things up in your classroom with this Halloween poetry writing activity! This fun Halloween language arts activity tasks students with analyzing common characteristics of a fairy tale and then use their analysis to create a halloween themed blackout poem!

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Students will:

  • Learn about common characteristics typically found in fairy tales focusing on setting, character types, plot and elements.
  • Choose a fairy tale and analyze it by identifying examples of the common characteristics.
  • Use the analysis to help Identify the theme of the fairy tale.
  • Create a scary black out poem based on the theme of the fairy tale they analyzed!




1. Four pages of Teacher Directions

2. A detailed list identifying the common characteristics of a fairy tale.

3. Fairy Tale Analysis Worksheet

  • Students explain how the examples they find fit with the common characteristics.
  • Students explain how they will put a scary spin on the characteristics they find in the fairy tale.

4. Theme info sheet

  • Defines theme topic vs theme statement.
    • Theme topic: broad repeated throughout (ex: adventure)
    • Theme statement: message/lesson the author reveals through the theme topic (ex: Adventure can sometimes keep you from the people you love the most.)

5. Theme Analysis sheet where students have to:

  • Identify theme topics present in the fairy tale.
  • Create a theme statement for the fairy tale.

6. Rubric for students to use to help them create a black out poem based on the theme of the fairy tale they analyzed!

7. Answer Key


File Type: PDF 

Editable: No

Total Pages: 18

Content Pages: 10



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