The Ultimate Back to School Guide for Secondary Teachers


A comprehensive 50+ page back to school guide for secondary teachers covering classroom management, organization, classroom set-up, back to school night, first day preparation and more!

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If you are struggling with classroom management, classroom organization, back to school night, classroom set-up, creating a back to school checklist, or even ice breaker activities, then this FREE resource was made for you!

Topics covered:

1. Classroom Management

    • The philosophy that changed my entire outlook on how viewed and approached classroom management.
    • Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist

2. Classroom Set-Up

  • Teacher Workstation
  • Desks for Students
  • Teacher Desk
  • Decor
  • Items for Organization

3. Back to School Night

  • Goals
  • Preparation
  • Activity Ideas
  • Back to School Checklist

4. First Day Breakdown and Plan

  • Syllabus
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Ice Breaker Ideas


  • Ultimate Back to School Checklist (4 pages!)
  • Full page Teacher Discount resource!
  • Sample first day PPT slides
  • Sample Ice Breaker

Document Info:

  • File Type: PDF 
  • Editable: No
  • Total Pages: 56
  • Content Pages: 45



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