Classroom Management Strategies for High School

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Looking for a comprehensive classroom management plan to help you with your classroom procedures, routines, and organization? This bundle includes three resources great for a new or veteran teacher!

See the Product Description below for more details!

This resource is a BUNDLE containing THREE individual products!

This resource is a BUNDLE containing the following individual products:


CMGMT Plan Cover          Classroom Management Checklist           40 Classroom Management Questions Cover



This comprehensive resource covers questions related to establishing:

– Classroom Rules & Consequences

– Policies, Procedures and Systems

– Teacher Organization

– Techniques to remain consistent

– Materials needed for classroom organization

…. And more!



Covering high school classroom rules, consequences, essential policies, procedures, systems and routines, this checklist will help you rock your classroom management!

Topics included in the list:

– The philosophy that completely turned my view of classroom management around!

– Policies, Procedures and Systems for:

—- Entering the Room

—- During Class (lateness, make-up work, setting expectations, techniques etc.)Leaving the Room (procedure/policy)

—- Ending the Class

—- After Class (strategies and systems)

– Teacher policies, procedures and systems

– List of materials needed for classroom organization

…. And more!



This comprehensive classroom management plan will help you in four incredible ways:

1. Hours of time saved!

Why reinvent the wheel?! This is a classroom management plan that is ready for YOU! So, why spend hours trying to create your own when you can use mine and adapt it to your own classroom!

2. Gives 5 core classroom rules and 4 consequences that will be so easy for you and your students to remember!

3. Provides Core Policies, Procedures and Systems for:

Entering the Room

Hello & Handout

BTBR (Before the Bell Rings)

During the Class

10/10 Rule

Getting out of seat

May I Have Your Attention Please?

Cell phone policy


Late students’ procedure

Handout placement and procedure

“Lang-you-ah-jay” (handling the use of profanity)

Stations for:

– Leaving the Room

Procedures for going to the bathroom, getting water, or going to the nurse,

counselor or other.

– Supplies and the procedure for students to get them

– No Name papers

– Charging station

– Turn-in Bins

End of class

Procedure for collecting handouts/materials

Seat and bell

4. Provides Core Organization Techniques

Student desk set-up

Teacher workstation

Teacher must haves for desk organization

♨️ BONUS! ♨️

NINE MUST HAVE ITEMS to organize your classroom and streamline your management!


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