Acrostic Poem Assignment Bundle


Get your students writing creatively with these poetry activities! Great for back to school poetry, first day of school ice breakers, and all year round!

Includes three assignments:

Holiday Acrostic Poem
About Me Acrostic Poem
Research Topic Acrostic Poem

See the Product Description below for more details!

There are 4 activities included in this bundle!

1. Acrostic Poem Activity adaptable to ANY Holiday!

2. About Me Acrostic Poem Activity great for a back to school ice breaker!

3. Acrostic Poem Activity adaptable to any historical figure or event!

4. Character Analysis Acrostic Poem adaptable to any text!




Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides

1. All About Me Acrostic Poem

Students create their own acrostic poem focusing on what uniquely represents them (what they like/,don’t like, who/what they love most, their hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals etc.).

Great creative writing activity, back to school ice breaker, first day of school writing activity or even an ice breaker for summer school, that will help students introduce themselves and to get to know their classmates!

2. Character Analysis Acrostic Poem

Great for any text, this activity will help your students showcase their analysis of important characters in a fun and engaging way! Students not only look at indirect and direct characterization to learn different aspect of the character, but also identify the characters hopes, dreams, motivations and more!

3. Acrostic Poem for a Research Topic

Have your students showcase their knowledge of a historical figure or any research topic through this poetry writing activity! Students use any research topic (person, place, thing or even biography research) and create and acrostic poem detailing the most important details they have learned.

4. Acrostic Poem for a Holiday

This fun and engaging resource has students create their own acrostic poem based on any holiday!

Also included in this resource:

1. An acrostic poem information sheet detailing

  • The definition of an acrostic poem
  • The three different ways you can structure an acrostic poem
  • Three example poems (one for each structure)

2. Acrostic Poem planning worksheet

3. Rubric for each activity.


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No

Content Pages: 77



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