Character Analysis Brochure


In this engaging character analysis activity students create a brochure showcasing their understanding of a major character they have analyzed. Included in this resource are two characterization project options: bi-fold brochure or a tri-fold brochure. Rubrics are also included!

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1. Planning Sheet

  • Students identify a character and use their background knowledge to note specific details including physical traits, hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, and more!
  • The planning sheet also tasks students with analyzing how the character(s) has developed throughout the text.

2. Student Directions

Directions for both the bi-fold and tri-fold option are given. Students include information such as:

  • Character development
  • Character traits
  • Character Interactions
  • Analysis on what causes the character to change throughout the text.
  • Evidence showing the character development.
  • Illustrations to represent the character and/or the characters development

3. Rubric

  • A rubric both the bi-fold and tri-fold option are given. Grading criteria includes cover page, content pages, events, character overview, visual images and creativity!


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No

Total Pages: 16

Content Pages: 5



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