Character Analysis Worksheets & Activities Bundle

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This resource includes 4 characterization activities where students can either show their understanding of a character through a one pager or a brochure activity. There are also 15 characterization worksheets and characterization graphic organizers that focus on direct and indirect characterization and character development.

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This resource is a bundle containing FOUR different products!

Characterization Sheets    Character Development Sheets    Character Analysis One Pager    Character Brochure



Print and Digital Versions Included:

PDF Print (no-prep print and go!)

Google Classroom (save the sheets to your Google Drive to assign to your students in Google Classroom!)

PDF Fill In (have your students type directly on the PDF via PDF form boxes!)


1. Direct and Indirect Characterization Worksheets & Graphic Organizers:

– Info sheet defining direct and indirect characterization

– Graphic organizer focusing on physical traits of an individual character

– Graphic organizer comparing the physical traits of two characters

– Worksheet tasking students to analyze direct characterization and the five forms of indirect characterization. (2 versions)

– Worksheet focusing on students analyzing the interactions with two characters and what it suggests about their relationship. (2 versions)

– Worksheets for a group activity option (6 sheets)

2. Character Development Worksheets

Students are tasked with analyzing how a character develops from beginning – middle – end through plot and character interactions focusing on:

– How events cause the character to develop throughout the text.

– The way other characters can influence a characters development throughout the text.

– Worksheet combining both above. (2 versions)





TWO Brochure Options: Bi- Fold OR Tri-Fold which include:

In this engaging character analysis activity students create a brochure showcasing their understanding of a major character they have analyzed.

  • Planning Sheet
  • Student Directions
  • Rubric


Have students show their understanding and knowledge of a character with this creative and engaging one pager activity.


– Character Analysis

Focuses on the personality of the character and analyzes how indirect and direct characterization is used to reveal details about the character.

– Character Development

Focuses on how a character changes from beginning – middle – end and the events and other characters that caused the changes.


Product Pages: 27
Answer Keys: 4
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