Character Analysis Activities Bundle


This resource includes 4 characterization activities that can be used with any text! Students can either show their understanding of a character through a one pager or a brochure!

See the Product Description below for more details!

There are 4 resources included:

  1. Character Analysis Brochure
  2. Character Analysis One Pager
  3. Character Analysis Digital Flipbook
  4. Character Analysis Acrostic Poem

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides




Character Analysis Digital Flipbook

Two engaging digital flipbook activities focusing on direct and indirect characterization as well as character development from beginning – middle – end.

Two activities and Three answer keys included!

#1: Character Snapshot (Focusing on Characterization)

This flipbook contains a tab for:

  • Physical Appearance
  • Thoughts & Speech
  • Actions/Behaviors
  • Impact on Others

#2: Character Development

This flipbook contains a tab for:

  • Character Snapshot focusing on indirect and direct characterization
  • Character in the Beginning of the text
  • Character in the Middle of the text
  • Character by the End of the text


Characterization One Pager

Focuses on the personality of the character and analyzes how indirect and direct characterization is used to reveal details about the character.

  • Students answer a series of questions to identify specific character traits and evidence of the text that reveals the personality of the character.

Character Development One Pager

Focuses on how a character changes from beginning – middle – end and the events and other characters that caused the changes.

  • Students answer a series of questions to identify how a character changes throughout the text and evidence showing that change.

One Pager Rubric for each activity

Seven One Pager templates students can use to create their one pager!

  • Digital versions of the templates are also included!

SEVENTEEN Student Examples of One Pagers!

  • 6 examples for a one pager focusing on theme
  • 5 examples for a one pager focusing on an act/scene summary from a play
  • 6 examples for a one pager focusing on a research topic/historical figure


Character Analysis Brochure Project

Planning Sheet

  • Students identify a character and use their background knowledge to note specific details including physical traits, hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, and more!  The planning sheet also tasks students with analyzing how the character(s) has developed throughout the text.

Directions for both the bi-fold and tri-fold option are given. Students include information such as:

  • Character development
  • Character traits
  • Character Interactions
  • Analysis on what causes the character to change throughout the text.
  • Evidence showing the character development.
  • Illustrations to represent the character and/or the characters development


  • A rubric both the bi-fold and tri-fold option are given. Grading criteria includes cover page, content pages, events, character overview, visual images and creativity!



Concept Sheet

  • This sheet explains what an acrostic poem is and the three different ways you can structure an acrostic poem, with an example poem for each!

Planning Sheet

  • Students identify the personality of a character of their choosing, noting the characters dream, hopes, fears, hobbies, etc. Students also provide examples of indirect and direct characterization and explain what that reveals about the character.

Three poem templates for students to use.

  • Examples for each template are also included!


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

Editable: No

Content Pages: 87



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