Character Analysis Activities Bundle

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This resource includes 4 characterization activities that can be used with any text! Students can either show their understanding of a character through a one pager or a brochure!

The resources in this product are also in the bundle below:

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This resource is a bundle containing TWO different products!

This resource is a bundle containing FOUR different products!

Character Analysis One Pager    Character Brochure



In this engaging character analysis activity students create a brochure showcasing their understanding of a major character they have analyzed.

TWO Brochure Options: Bi- Fold OR Tri-Fold which include:

1. Planning Sheet

2. Student Directions

3. Rubric



Have students show their understanding and knowledge of a character with this creative and engaging one pager activity.

Two One-Pager Activities:

  • Character Analysis One-Pager

Focuses on the personality of the character and analyzes how indirect and direct characterization is used to reveal details about the character.

  • Character Development One-Pager

Focuses on how a character changes from beginning – middle – end and the events and other characters that caused the changes.


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The resources in this product are also in the bundle below:


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