Theme Activities – Theme Analysis Paper Tent with Multiple Templates!


This fun and engaging finding theme activity tasks students with identifying a theme and the characters and events that help develop the theme, as well as create a visual representation of the theme! They do all of this in fun and creative way – a paper tent! Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except they use the tent to visualize their analysis of a theme in the text!

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Print and digital versions available for some resources!
  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides

Includes a resource to help students understand theme vs. main idea, a planning sheet for their tent and 2 different templates for the theme analysis tent!:

1. Theme Resource

  • Students often struggle with understanding the difference between a main idea (theme topic) and the theme (a message or lesson the author tries to teach the reader through the main idea). That is why I included a resource that helps students identify a theme topic and then use that topic to create a theme statement (message/lesson of the text)!

2. Planning Sheet

  • Tasks students with identifying a theme topic, creating a theme statement, and identify characters and events that relate to the theme, to help students prepare for what they will include in their theme analysis text.

3. Templates

  • Template one focuses on events that relate to the theme. There are two versions.
  • Template two focuses on characters that relate to the theme.

Each version comes with a copy that either focuses on students analyzing a theme topic OR a theme statement!


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Total Pages: 30

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