Capstone Essay Assignment To Use With Any Text


Amazing literary analysis essay assignment where students choose two texts that share a similar theme and explain how both authors develop it! This is a great year round activity OR end of the year assignment / end of course essay assignment!

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Students will:

  • Choose two texts and analyze how characters have developed throughout.
  • Look for theme topics (main ideas) that are present throughout the text.
  • Choose a strong theme topic they believe is prevalent in both texts.
  • Identify and explain how specific characters and events from both books relate to the theme topic.
  • Create a theme statement (lesson/message) they believe both authors are trying to convey in their book.
  • Write a literary analysis essay linking the two texts based on the shared theme.




Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides

Lesson Pages:

1. Character Analysis Worksheet

  • Students analyze how specific characters developed throughout each text through specific events and interactions with other characters.
    • This helps students recall major events, characters and character relationships from the texts they read.
  • Four Answer keys included!

2. Theme Info Sheet defining theme topic vs theme statement.

  • Theme topic: broad; 1-2 words; repeated throughout text – (ex: adventure)
  • Theme statement: message/lesson the author reveals through the theme topic (ex: Adventure can sometimes keep you from the people you love the most.)

3. Venn Diagram

  • Compare and contrast two texts to identify theme topics both texts share as well as themes that are different.

4. Graphic Organizer

  • Choose a theme topic they believe both texts share and identify and explain how specific characters, settings and events relate to/develop the theme.

5. Theme Statement

  • Students create a theme statement detailing the message/lesson the author is repeating throughout the text.
    • Theme topic: Adventure
    • Theme statement: Adventure can sometimes keep you from the people you love the most.
  • Two different versions included: one chart and one graphic organizer
  • Three answer keys included

6. Essay Prompt

  • Editable essay prompt sheet with helpful hints for students to use to structure their essay.


File Type: Zip – PDF, Microsoft Word & Google Slides

Editable: Partial

Total Pages: 50

Content Pages: 38



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