Capstone Essay Assignment To Use With Any Text(s)


Amazing literary analysis essay assignment where students choose two texts that share a similar theme and explain how both authors develop it! This is a great year round activity OR end of the year assignment / end of course essay assignment!

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Challenge your students to think deeply and critically about the texts they have read in your class by having them identify and analyze how two different texts share a similar message/lesson! This is great to use as an end of the year “capstone” writing project.

Help your students deepen their knowledge about theme by having them analyze different techniques authors use to create and develop the messages/lessons in their stories. This is also great all year around if you want to have students compare other texts (books, poems, short stories, articles etc.) that they read in class.


What’s Included:

  1. Teacher Directions
  2. Multiple Handouts for Differentiation
  3. Answer Keys


Resource Breakdown:

  • First, students choose two texts and analyze how characters have developed throughout.
  • Second, students use that analysis to look for theme topics (main ideas) that are present throughout the text.
  • Third, students choose a strong theme topic they believe is prevalent in both texts.
  • Fourth, students identify and explain how specific characters and events from both books relate to the theme topic.
  • Fifth, students use the above to create a theme statement (lesson/message) they believe both authors are trying to convey in their book.
  • Finally, students use the above resources to write a literary analysis essay linking the two texts based on their shared theme.


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