The Best Websites For Personalized Gifts

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Gift giving can be an enjoyable, nerve-wracking and stressful experience.

Why? Well there’s the joy of seeing someone open the gift you gave them, but there’s also the stress you may have went through trying to find “the perfect gift”.

Luckily there are a vast number of websites out there that help us gift givers create the perfect gift!

Below you will find the best websites to help create personalized, thoughtful and unique gifts.

The Best Websites to Use for Personalized Gifts Pin

Disclaimer: The companies on this list may be impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Be sure to read for updates on the companies website before making a purchase!

Don’t like shopping because of how crowded the stores are during the holiday season? I feel you! 

I am quick to hop on Google to find thoughtful and personalized gifts I can send online!  

One of the easiest online gifts that make perfect presents are e-gift cards. You can make this a special gift by getting an eGift card to a persons favorite food spot, streaming service, store, etc!

Some ideas for eGift Cards are:

Use a site such as Hallmark eCard to make personalized  notes that you can send with the eGift Card!

Other websites you can use to create an eCard:

Over the past three years I have ordered 21 items from Personalization Mall.

What impressed me the most about Personalization Mall is that every item I have ordered arrived on time and there were no mistakes with my personalization!

Why is this so impressive? Well, the majority of my items were Christmas gifts, and we all know just how crazy and hectic the Christmas season is for shopping, especially online shopping and receiving your items on time!

Personalization Mall has consistently produced high quality products for me during the years most hectic times for online shopping, when peoples orders are more likely to have something wrong with them! 

Even more amazing, my gifts were all delivered on time.

That is why Personalization Mall is my number one choice when it comes to the best websites for unique gifts!

Below you will find some of the items I have ordered from Personalization Mall!

Some other things I love about Personalization Mall are:

  • The sheer breadth of products.
  • The sheer variety of products.
  • The fast delivery.
  • The ease of use.
  • The ridiculous amount of options.
  • The beautiful packaging.
  • The product handling.

And the sheer amount of products they have related to teachers!

Thoughtful Impressions Website

Since my blog is dedicated to helping teachers, there was no way I was going to make this list without acknowledging the thousands of personalized teacher gifts on Personalization Mall!

Here are some of the categories for teacher gifts that you can customize:

  • Desk Accessories
  • Mugs
  • Classroom & Beyond
  • Stationary
  • New Teacher Gifts
  • Key Chains
  • Coach Gifts
  • Bags
  • Writing Utensils
  • Portfolios
  •  Awards
  • Bookmarks
  • Doormats

 ….and more!

You can even shop by occasion like Teacher Appreciation Week!

Personalization Mall has so many different categories that you can create unique and thoughtful gifts for just about any occasion or recipient!

You can:

  • Shop by occasion 
    • Major Holidays
    • Anniversaries
    • Everyday Occasions such as Housewarming wedding, birthday, religious etc.
  • Shop by recipient
    • Baby
    • kids
    • Him/Her
    • Grandparents
    • Professionals
    • Teachers
    • Sorority
    • Pets
    • Pet Lovers
    • Sports Fans
    • Office
    • … and more!

They also have home décor items, canvas prints, doormats and more!

Over the past three years I have used Personalization Mall to purchase gifts for Christmas, birthdays, memorials, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions. 

If you are looking for unique gift ideas or thoughtful gift ideas then Personalization Mall is the website you NEED to be using!

The second best website to use for unique gifts is Thougtful Impressions!

While you can personalize just about anything with Personalization Mall, Thoughtful Impressions is for those who want to gift stunning personalized jewelry!

With Thoughtful Impressions you can personalize bracelets, necklaces, lockets, rings, charm and keychains.

Thoughtful Impressions Website

There are so many options for you to make a gorgeous piece of personalized jewelry in many different styles:

  • Traditional Engraving
  • Laser Engraving
  • Single Text Engraving
  • Monogram Engraving
  • Premium Fonts

….. and more! 

They also have a sister site, Sticky J, that specializes in medical ID jewelry!

Be sure to check out their bridal discounts as well!

For all my teachers, treat your self to piece of stunning customized jewelry!

If your special someone is a teacher, you can surprise them with piece of jewelry customized with a thoughtful and heartfelt message!

Similar to Personalization Mall and Thoughtful Impressions, Things Remembered gives you a large amount of options of gifts to personalize based on occasion and recipient!

Some differences though are that you can shop by brand, there is a more robust business category, and the biggest difference: Things Remembered has physical store locations whereas Personalization Mall and Thoughtful Impressions is all online.

You can:

  • Shop by recipient
    • Him/her
    • Baby/kids
    • Public Servant
    • Military Recognition
    • … and more!

Similar to Personalization Mall, Things Remembered also has gifts specifically made with teachers in mind!

While not as robust as Personalization Mall, Things Remembered still has many options if you are looking for teacher gifts!

They have

  • Frames
  • Mugs
  • Ornaments
  • Key chains
  • Bags
  • Awards
  • Writing utensils

…..and more!

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a gift for that special someone or a special occasion, a personalized gift is a perfect option!

With websites like Personalization Mall, Thoughtful Impressions and Things Remembered, the process of trying to think of thoughtful gift ideas gets so much easier!

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