9 Unique Freelancing Jobs for Teachers


Are you looking for jobs for teachers that don’t involve stepping into the classroom each day??

While many people get an education degree to teach, you have options including freelance options from home.

Work at home teaching jobs give you the flexibility of controlling your schedule. You can use your teaching expertise in different ways that can be just as important and rewarding as classroom teaching.

Remote education jobs also work well as second jobs to supplement your regular teaching salary.

Check out these nine options for making money in the educational field from home.

1. Educational Material Developer

Teachers often develop their own curriculum materials, worksheets, games, and other learning materials. If you’ve developed original materials, consider selling them to other teachers.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a popular platform for selling all types of learning materials. 

This option is ideal if you’re still teaching. You can sell the materials you’ve already created for extra side money. 

Since you only have to create each resource once, it becomes passive income each time you sell it to another teacher.

Growing your TpT business could give you the income to go freelance full time. You get to show your creativity and have full control over what you create.

2. Educational Blogger

Another way to let your creativity show as a teacher is by developing an educational blog.

Hosting your own blog allows you to create any kind of content you want.

Using a variety of blog monetization methods helps you generate multiple streams of income. 

Affiliate marketing involves integrating links to other people’s products. When one of your readers buys the product, you get a portion of the sale price.

Putting ads on your blog is another way to earn income.

You can also create things to sell, such as ebooks, coaching, and digital products. If you sell on TpT, you can promote those materials on your blog.

3. Freelance Writer

Blogs can take a while to build up your income. Another jobs for teachers option is freelance writing. 

Blogs, magazines, educational companies, journals, and other businesses need content for print and digital resources.

Many of those businesses hire freelance writers to create content.

As a teacher, you have the professional experience to write the material.

Freelance writers typically get paid per piece. The fee is often calculated on a per-word basis. 

A similar option is freelance editing of educational materials.

4. Online Tutor

Online tutoring platforms connect teachers with students. The kids get a flexible tutoring option, and teachers get a versatile side gig option for earning income.

A popular option is teaching English online to speakers of other languages. Many of the platforms pay per hour with bonus options. Having the curriculum provided makes the job easier.

Other tutoring platforms let you set your rates and tutor the subjects you want to do.

If you don’t want to tutor online, you can do in-person tutoring from your home or a local library. This option also lets you set the rates and choose what you tutor.

5. Online Teacher

If you still want to teach yet still have more flexibility, consider online teaching.

Many online schools hire teachers to work from home. Some of those positions are only part-time, which gives you more flexibility.

You’ll have the same responsibilities you have in a traditional classroom. You just get to do it from home.

Many online teaching jobs require a teaching license and teaching experience.

Another online teaching route is working as a professor in education for online teacher programs. Professors usually have more control over their course materials than elementary, middle school, and high school teachers.

6. Test Scorer

How many nights did you stay up grading tests and papers for your students?

It’s part of the job, but you don’t get paid extra for those late-night grading sessions.

But you can get paid to score standardized tests for testing companies. These positions are often remote and freelance, so you can work from home on your own schedule.

Testing companies prefer teachers to score tests because of their experience in the field. The work is sometimes seasonal based on when the standardized tests are performed.

7. Curriculum or Test Item Developer

Educational publishing and testing companies often hire freelancers to develop material.

You might create material for textbooks, develop worksheets, or create questions for standardized tests.

Companies usually hire freelancers for specific subject areas. Math, reading, science, and social studies are the most common subject areas for these positions.

8. Educational Consultant

Use your teaching experience to help others as a freelance educational consultant.

Schools and universities hire educational consultants to help with specific problems. The consultant provides suggestions to solve the problem.

Some schools hire consultants to overhaul their current programs or offerings.

Educational organizations and companies that sell or provide educational materials sometimes use educational consultants to help create the materials. The consultant provides insight on what teachers need, or they provide subject-area expertise for the products.

Some educational consultants work with families. They can give advice on the best educational environment, how to improve college applications, or other educational advice.

9. Online Course Creator

Since teachers are experts at creating curriculum, online course creation is a natural fit.

Online course platforms let you easily create classes on anything you want to teach. You can use a mix of video, text, and printables to create a valuable course that makes it popular.

You can use your educational experience to create courses for teachers, such as a classroom management course.

Once you create the course, you can sell it to endless numbers of people without doing anything else. The course platforms make the process automatic.

You also have full control over how much you charge.

Find Remote Jobs for Teachers

With so many remote jobs for teachers, you have a range of options to bring in income. Whether you’re looking for a side gig or want to work remotely full-time, these options give you more freedom.

Check out my TpT Seller resources for more information on earning passive income online.


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