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Roundup of Distance Learning Resources for Teachers

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Distance Learning Tips & Resources

Struggling trying to find distance learning resources for teachers?Stressed about how you and your student(s) will be able to adapt to online learning? 

If you answered yes to one or both of the above questions, then this blog post was made with you in mind. The best part is, you don’t have to stress yourself trying to search all over the internet for resources. 

Just look below for a gathered list of articles of free online distance learning resources for teachers and parents, as well as tips, tricks and advice.

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    From One Teacher to Another

    If you are a teacher, I imagine you are stressed enough as is without having to worry about finding distance learning resources for teachers. 

    As former high school ELA teacher for five years, I know that if I were still teaching right now, I might find it difficult to adjust my lessons to be ready for distance learning. So, I tried to put myself in the your shoes, and think about how I would adjust the curriculum for online learning if I were still teaching. 

    As districts struggle trying to take traditional classroom schooling to online learning, you may have to go through different trainings, and processes may change multiple times before the right one is discovered. 

    So, it is important to remain flexible with yourself and your students.

    With flexibility comes differentiation, so be sure you are aware of how you will be flexible when it comes to what you are assigning to students.

    Think about:

    • How can you adapt a lesson for it to work online and paper copy?
    • How can you adapt a lesson that addresses the needs of students who learn at different levels? 
    • How can you be flexible with how students turn in homework?
    • How can you be flexible in how you teach students, and how will you keep a healthy balance? (mixture of video recordings, discussions, and self-guided work)
    • What will you do for those students who need extra help?

    Students are used to seeing their teachers daily, thus it is even more important that they see you in some capacity through video. Not only is this important because it gives students a piece of what they are used to in traditional school, it also allows you to be able to actually teach concepts to help students with their assignments. 

    You could also use this to hold group discussions with your students, or even create a lesson where a component is for them to have to submit a recording (such as a speech, read a poem, do a presentation, etc. ). Just be mindful of how you can adapt this for students who do not have internet access. 

    You may find yourself having to adjust your lessons to make them more self-guided. What this means is basically creating even more detailed and thorough assignments that students can complete without needing the traditional amount of instruction that would be given in the traditional school. 

    Below you will find examples of activities I used with my GT ELA students that were more independent and self-guided. Of course if I were to use these for online purposes, it would still need to be adapted, but it is a great example to see how you could structure an assignment to be more self-guided!

    A great way to build a community with online learning is using discussion boards/forums. This is a great way for students to interact with each other in a meaningful way. It’s also a way for you to gauge their understanding of the material and concepts being taught, depending on how you use the discussion. 

    You can either post questions for students to answer or have students create discussion questions for their peers to respond to and vice versa

    It is even more imperative to have clear expectations for your students in an online learning setting. Those expectations should be the first thing you teach and discuss with your students. 

    Consider even doing a eLearning etiquette lesson, so students are aware of your dos and dont’s with anything to they do on the platform.

    Are you an ELA teacher in need of  lesson plans, resources and activities? Check out my shop!

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