Of Mice and Men Introduction Activity


An engaging and interactive Of Mice and Men intro activity where students work collaboratively to create and present a brochure based on a research topic!

See the Product Description below for more details!

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1. Teacher Directions

  • A PowerPoint with six pages of teacher directions.

2. Project Directions for students

  • Includes detailed instructions, list of research topics and requirements of everything that needs to be included in the brochure.
  • These requirements can also be adapted if you want your students’ final product to be something other than a brochure (PowerPoint, Prezi, PSA, etc.)

3. Cornell Notes Template

  • Provided for students to use to record any information they find when they research their topic.

4. Group Activity OptionIf you choose to make this a group activity instead of an individual one, instructions are included!

  • Presentation guidelines explaining in detail how students are expected to present their brochure.
  • Group Member Evaluation – Students evaluate their performance of themselves and their peers

5. Brochure Rubric


File Type: Zip/PDF

Editable: Yes

Total Pages: 18

Content Pages: 14



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