To Kill a Mockingbird Trial Analysis and Essay


Great To Kill a Mockingbird trial analysis activity to help your students unpack the Tom Robinson trial! Students begin by closely analyzing each testimony and then using that analysis to write an argumentative essay claiming Tom Robinson is innocent.

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Students will:

  • Watch the Tom Robinson trial. Please note: This resource uses the movie version of TKAM for the trial.
  • Analyze the testimonies to identify evidence for the prosecution and the defense.
  • Write an argumentative essay detailing why Tom Robinson is innocent.

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides

Lesson Pages:

1. Teacher Directions

2. Trial Analysis

  • Critical thinking questions for students to analyze the testimonies offered by each character:
    • Sherriff Heck Tate
    • Bob Ewell
    • Mayella Ewell
    • Tom Robinson
  • An answer key for the analysis questions is provided!

2. Evidence Breakdown

  • Students use their analysis to list every piece of evidence that they believe proves Tom’s innocence.
  • An answer key is provided listing specific pieces of evidence that show Tom’s innocence.

3. Argumentative Essay

  • Students use the analysis and the evidence breakdown to write a five paragraph essay claiming that Tom Robinson is innocent.
  • An essay outline sheet is provided to help students structure and create their final essay.


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