Kindred Lesson Plans – Character Analysis Worksheets


This resource contains worksheets and graphic organizers to help students analyze characters in Kindred by Octavia E. Butler.

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Students will:

  • Learn the difference between indirect and direct characterization
  • Identify character they believe develop (change) throughout the text.
  • Analyze physical traits, actions/behaviors, private thoughts, speech, impact on others, other characters opinions and what all of this reveals about the character they are analyzing
  • Learn the difference between external and internal conflicts and explain how these impact the relationship between specific characters.

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides
  • Compatible with Easel by TpT

Lesson Pages:

1. Character Analysis Info and Planning Sheet

Defines indirect vs direct characterization and details the 5 methods of indirect characterization.

Mind map to help students identify characters they believe develop and change throughout the text.

2. Indirect and Direct Characterization Worksheets and graphic organizer

Focuses on students identifying how the author reveals details about characters through indirect and direct characterization. This enables students to learn about the characters personality, hopes, dreams, fears and more!

3. Character Development Worksheet

Focuses on how a character changes from the beginning-middle-end of the text. Students also identify major events and other characters that influence/develop the change.

4. Character Relationships Worksheet

Focuses on students identifying internal and external conflicts, detailing how they impact character relationships in the novel.

List of sample character relationships given. For example:

  • Dana & Kevin
  • Dana & Alice
  • Rufus & Tom Weylin

5. Answer Key


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