40 Essential Classroom Management Questions To Hep Turn Your Classroom Around!


Classroom management can seem very daunting, especially if you don’t have a proper plan in place.

If you are a new/first year teacher,  it can seem almost impossible to figure out because you may not know where to start.

Even if you are a seasoned/veteran teacher, you may find yourself searching for new techniques because the kids of today just don’t respond as well to your established practices.

That is why I created a list of the most essential questions that should be answered related to classroom management!

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Before we get started, the most essential step to creating a classroom management plan is to first establish your classroom management philosophy.

Ask yourself: What areas do you believe fall under classroom management?

You may wonder why this is even important. Well, sometimes we get so caught up in classroom rules and consequences that we forget that classroom management encompasses a multitude of different areas like organization, procedures, policies, systems etc. 

Classroom management is the butter that keeps your classroom running smooth. There are a vast number of things that help in the running of your classroom outside of rules and consequences!

Check out my Classroom Management Philosophy below!

Infographic_ CMGMT

The List

Rules & Consequences

1. How many rules will you have?

2. How many consequences will you have?

3. What technique(s) will you use to remain consistent in enforcing them?

Procedures, Policies & Systems:

Pro tip: Create a classroom procedures and routines checklist to help ensure you have covered all bases in your own classroom management plan!

Entering the Class

4. Where will you be when students enter the classroom?

5. What will you be doing as students enter the classroom?

6. How do you want students to enter the classroom?

7. What do you expect students to do once they enter the classroom (before the bell rings)?

During the Class

8. What will your procedure be when students are late? How will you ensure the procedure causes the least amount of class interruption?

9. What technique(s) will you use to get the attention of students? How do you want students to get your attention?

10. Do you want a procedure for students to leave their seat? (For example, only during non-instructional time.)

11. What will your cell phone policy be?

12. What system will you use for the distribution and collection of handouts?

13. What system will you use for students to turn in work?


14. When is the most opportune time(s) for handout distribution and collection as well as for turn ins? (For example, during periods of transition, at the beginning of class, etc?)

15. How will you handle student use of profanity?

16. What will you do to lessen class interruptions? (such as students asking for supplies, for make-up work, etc.)

17. What policy will you have for students borrowing supplies from you?

18. What system will be in place for students leaving the room to use the bathroom, get water, go to the office, to the nurse, to the counselor etc.? (How will you ensure this system causes the least amount of interruption to the class?)

19. What procedure or system will be in place for students who were absent and need make-up work?

(How will you ensure this procedure causes the least amount of interruption to the class?)

stacked paper

20. What will be your make-up work policy?

21. What tool will you use to keep track of incidents that happen in class?

22. What tool will you use to keep track of students if you give them detention?

23. What system will you use to organize information about your special education students?

(IEP’s, 504, any notable observations you make about their behavior, work and demeanor, accommodations given etc.)

24. What system/tools will you use to store extra copies of handouts?

Leaving the Class

25. How will students turn in their work?

26. Where will you store turned in work?

27. What are students expected to do/not do while waiting for the bell to ring to go to their next class?


After Class

28. What technique will you use to keep a record of parent contact for positive and negative behavior?

29. What system will you use to keep a record of who attends detention?

30. What will your policy be for students who miss detention without an excuse note?

31. What system will you have in place for coach class? (coach class days, keeping a record of attendees, etc.)

32. What will your policy be for students who skip your class? (be sure to check if your district/school has a policy on this as well as latenesses, make-up work and absences.)




33. What tools will you use to organize your classroom? (bins, supply centers, caddies, shelves, carts, etc.)

34. What is the most strategic way to set up your classroom? (students desks, teacher desk, workstation if applicable, etc.)



35. What essentials do you need to keep your desk organized?

36. How will you keep track of your daily lessons you teach for each class?

37. How will you keep track of important meetings? (school, department, team, parent/student conferences etc.)

38. Where will you store graded work?

39. What system will you have for returning graded work, ensuring for the least amount of interruption to the class?


Consistency = Repetition = Training students on how the classroom is run = lower chances of problems or incidents.

40. What technique(s) will you use to ensure you remain consistent in enforcing your classroom rules, policies, procedures, systems and consequences?


Final Thoughts

Classroom Management encompasses many different areas. It is important to consider them all when trying to establish your classroom climate.

As you sit to plan out your classroom management, it may seem overwhelming. That’s why I created this awesome Core Classroom Management Plan for Secondary Teachers.

This comprehensive resource contains:

  1. A 30-page Classroom Management Plan!
  2. Classroom Routines and Procedures Checklist!
  3. 40 Essential Classroom Management Questions you NEED to have the answers to!
  4. How to Create A Personalized Classroom Management Plan in 5 Simple Steps!

I want you to ask yourself two very important questions:

  1. How will your classroom change by having comprehensive classroom management plan in place?
  2. Why spend hours trying to create your own management plan when you can use mine and adapt it to your own classroom?!

I have already made a classroom management plan that is ready for YOU!

For $8 you can have this comprehensive 40+ page Classroom Management Bundle today!


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