Black History Month Activities Bundle


A comprehensive Black History Month Activities bundle including a Black History Month Project, One for Pager Activity for Historical Figures, Acrostic Poem Activity for Research Topics and a list of 150+ Black History Month research topics!

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There are 5 resources included:

  • Black History Month Research Project
  • 150+ Black History Month Research Topics
  • Black History Month Fact Card
  • Research Project One Pager
  • One Pager Activity for a Research Topic

Print and digital versions available!

  • PDF
  • Google™ Slides






This fun and engaging print and digital Black History Month research project tasks students to work collaboratively or individually to learn about historical events related to African-American History! Included are two versions: PDF and Google Slides.

The following are the research topics included in this resource!

  • Jim Crow Laws
  • The Freedom Riders
  • The March on Washington, 1963
  • The Selma to Montgomery Marches
  • Loving vs Virginia, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education

1. Rubric

  • The PDF Print version comes in two templates: group project and individual project. Students have the option to choose the type of project they would like to do (PowerPoint, poster, video etc.).
  • You may determine this is not the best choice for your classroom and that is fine! You may choose to limit their options to 3 choices, or you may have students only create a PowerPoint, it is totally up to you what works best for your students!
  • Blank rubric template included if you want to create your own version!

2. Research Topics

  • The sheet contains the research topics, and have questions for each, which will serve as the basis for research when students go to look up their topic.

3. Planning Sheet

  • If completing the research individually, a sheet is included for students to take notes on their research and the sources they are using to gather information.
  • If doing a group project, students work collaboratively to choose who is responsible for which questions. and use the planning sheet to keep track of their assigned questions, the research they conduct to answer the questions and the sources they use to find those answers!

4. Presentation Carousel

  • If working collaboratively, students will visit each group and take notes on what they learn about each research topic. Worksheet for notes included!

5. Student Examples



This fun and engaging print and digital Black History Month activity helps students showcase their knowledge about an important person, event, era or movement related to African-American History! Students choose their own research topic and have the option of creating a paper tent (print version) or a fact “card” (digital version).


  • Template one focuses on a person
    • Students can create a paper tent or digital fact card focusing on a African American historical figure.
  • Template two focuses on an event, era or movement
    • Students can create a paper tent or digital fact card focusing on an event, era or movement important to African American history.

Print – Paper Tent

  • What is a paper tent? Have you ever had your students create name tents during the beginning of the school year? Well imagine them doing the same thing except they use the tent to visualize their knowledge about a research topic related to Black History Month!

Digital – Google Slides version included in the resource called a “Digital Fact Card”



Check out this list of over 150+ Black History Month research topics focusing on articles, historical figures, movements, people and more! Suggested Black History Month activities included!

Also included:

  • Links to 32 articles
  • 143 Historical figures, movements, organizations, and people that contributed to African- American history!



Fun and engaging one pager activity where students showcase their knowledge and understanding of a research topic! This nonfiction activity can be used for ANY research topic (public figure, historical event, an awareness month, a historical time period etc.)!

Students will:

  • Choose a research topic to focus on (person, event/movement, location/place, thing (like an invention))
  • Conduct research to learn about their topic.
  • Identify notable quotes from their research that directly relates to what they learn/resonates with them.
  • Create a one pager creatively showcasing their understanding and knowledge of their research topic.



Have your students showcase their knowledge of a historical figure through this poetry writing activity! Includes an information sheet on acrostic poems, worksheet and acrostic poem rubric!


1. An acrostic poem information sheet detailing:

  • The definition of an acrostic poem
  • The three different ways you can structure an acrostic poem
  • Three example poems (one for each structure)

2. Acrostic Poem planning worksheet to help students create their poem.

3. Three poem templates for students to use.

  • Examples for each template are also included!


File Type: PDF & Google Slides

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