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    Earn Passive Income

    Free ebook with ways teachers can earn passive income online

    Classroom Management

    Ice Breakers



    Become a TpT Seller

    TpT Seller Tips

    This FREE 20+ page guide will teach you about the 8 crucial steps you need to take in order to be successful on TpT!


    Prefer a faster track? Use this 10 day challenge focusing on the most essential steps to help you start your TpT Store quickly!


    This 55+ page guide was designed to make the process of starting on TPT less overwhelming by providing the most essential tips, tricks and tools to get started on TPT the RIGHT way, so that you can help other teachers with your incredible resources, while also earning income in your SLEEP!

    This comprehensive guide includes details about:

    • Business Basics
    • Building your brand from scratch
    • TpT Membership Options
    • Setting up your TpT Store
    • Creating and Uploading Products
    • Marketing Your Products
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Customer Service
    • TpT Data
    • The best tools to increase your productivity

    .… and more!

    This 35+ page task book gives you actionable steps on:

    • How to figure out what to sell
    • How to choose your store name
    • The exact tools you will need to create your logo
    • How to market your products/tools needed

    Also included:

    • Brainstorm worksheets
    • Templates for product creation
    • Checklists for business basics and product templates
    • Worksheets and graphic organizers for:
      • Setting up your account
      • Setting up your store
      • Creating your brand:
        • logo
        • brand colors
        • choosing your store name
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